Merit Canada is the national voice of Canada’s open shop construction sector.

We stand for workplace democracy, accountability and transparency.

We exist to ensure that Canada’s 1 million open shop construction workers have the ability to work in their chosen trade, without forced affiliation with a labour union.

We advocate for open tendering and fairness in support of the thousands of open shop contractors that are building Canada.

Championing Construction
And A Strong Economy

Now is the time to get infrastructure projects moving, to support a robust, national economic recovery.

See our plan for Building Significant, Shared and Sustained Prosperity HERE.

See our submission to the 2024/25 Federal Budget consultation process HERE.

Our Issues

Merit Canada, representing more than 70 per cent of Canada’s construction industry— has a five-pillar plan to unleash significant, sustainable and shared prosperity for all Canadians as we enter a new decade. The five pillars are:

  • Investment, Trade and Growth
  • Open and Fair Government Procurement
  • Responsible Resource Development
  • Building Enabling and Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Skills, Training and Education